About Us

Urban Recruits is Israel's most dynamic recruitment company, specializing in connecting talented people with meaningful careers. Proudly headquartered in Tel Aviv, we’ve helped companies of all sizes and are committed to providing the best service and the most accurate placements.

Our company was founded by internationals who made aliyah to Israel and noticed how difficult it was to find jobs in foreign languages in Israel. Thus, they decided to create an organization devoted to helping those seeking careers in Israel to navigate the Israeli job market more easily.

Urban Recruits is not your regular recruitment company. We're not about simply filling places with names, but about helping you find a job in Israel that brings you real opportunity and fulfillment. To us, finding a perfect job isn't just about matching skills to requirements, but understanding your aspirations, and the work environment you see yourself thriving in.


Our Mission

We believe that relationships built on trust are the foundation of any company’s success; therefore, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in the industry and treat our clients’ and candidates’ needs with the appropriate level of discretion. Our primary focus is to establish ourselves as recognised market leaders within the recruitment industry in Israel. Achieved by developing and maintaining mutually beneficial long-term partnerships with our clients and identifying, accumulating and sustaining a quality pool of talent and experience.

Our Vision

Ultimately, we see our role and value as facilitating and complementing our clients’ efforts to build superior high performing teams to create and sustain a competitive advantage.

For candidates, we take the time to understand their long-term career aspirations. We connect them with leading employers and support them through the selection process. We understand that making a career move is a life-changing decision and our goal is to find the best ‘fit’ for every candidate and facilitate them in realising their full career potential.  


Our Values







Our Experience

Meet The Team

Co-Founder & CEO

Stephanie Hodes

Origin: Johannesburg, South Africa
Stephanie founded Urban Recruits in 2012 and works continuously to develop our vision, strategy and growth. When not working she enjoys traveling to exotic and unexplored places, such as the North Pole.

Account Manager

Tali Shani

Origin: Tel Aviv, Israel
Tali has been an integral part of our team for the past 3 years. She strives to not only make every experience personalized but to build long lasting relationships with every client. When she is not working Tali is "Supermom" to two adorable kids.

Recruitment Specialist

Hana Wimberley

Origin: California, USA
Hana is a vital member of an awesome team working to bring top talent to Israeli start ups by providing a world-class candidate experience. Outside of work, Hana is an avid foodie and enjoys discovering Tel Aviv's best eating spots. Feel free to ask her for a recommendation!

Recruitment Specialist

Tatiana Miodownik

Origin: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tatiana is that person who will say hi to a dog before acknowledging their owner. When she's not recruiting challenging IT roles you can find her in the Crossfit gym showing the guys how its done.

Junior Recruiter

Jael Melzer

Origin: Stockholm, Sweden
True to her Swedish heritage Jael is a master at building IKEA furniture. She has a passion for HR and is kick-starting her career in recruitment with us.

Junior Recruiter

Andrea Litjeroff

Origin: Mendoza, Argentina
Andrea is at her happiest with her work when she can empower people to discover their potential. When she is not matching candidates with great job opportunities, she can be found drinking "Mate". (An Argentinian alternative to coffee - without the joy).

Intern Recruiter

Ornella Evens

Origin: Antwerp, Belgium
Currently studying at the IDC, Ornella is interning with us in order to broaden her perspective about the recruitment industry in Israel. With so many dedicated chocoholics in one office we always look forward to Ornella's return from visiting home. (Because chocolate truffles are a food group, right?)

Intern Recruiter

Sion Guetta

Origin: Rome, Italy
Sion is currently enrolled at the IDC and is passionate about the integration of psychology in organizational settings. True to his Italian heritage Sion arrives to work on a scooter and is excited about helping people find the right job.