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  • 07.01.19

As a recruiter, I have seen a wide variety of CVs with a vast array of different fonts, colors, lengths, and experience levels. From seeing so many different types of CVs, I have come to understand what a clear, polished CV should look like. I have viewed profiles of people with amazing levels of experience and character traits; however, their CV format prevents them from being the strong candidate they should be. Crafting the perfect CV is not easy, and I definitely know this. I have gone through countless formats for my own CV myself, so you’re not alone.
If you feel like you’re having trouble in the Israeli job market, your CV might be the one aspect holding you back from your dream job. Take a look at our Urban Recruits sample CV at the end of this post for some inspiration for your new CV. Feel free to use it in your Israel job search!
In addition, I’d like to point out a few of the things I have learned about a great Israeli CV. Of course everyone’s experience and education is different, so not all tips might be applicable. However, with this blog post, I hope that you will learn something that you can apply to your own CV.

1. Keep it simple, concise, and to the point!
I have seen CVs go on and on for 5 pages with details that are simply not necessary. When employers see long, drawn out CVs like this, they do not see someone who has so much experience it cannot be limited to a page. They see someone who is too wordy and unprofessional in their CV format. Employers simply will not look at a CV that is more than two pages. Make sure to keep your descriptions of each position you hold to 2-3 clear but effective bullet points.

2. Check your spelling and grammar once, twice, three times…
The worst thing is seeing a great CV format with numerous grammar mistakes. If you are not a native English speaker, and you are submitting a CV in English, it is so important to have your essay proofread in order to perfect the grammar. It can make all the difference to a picky employer.

3. Fonts and colors are fun, but be careful.
A CV is meant to highlight your professional attributes that make you a great candidate for a specific position. However, when people play with fun fonts or different colors to highlight their experiences, it can downplay the professionalism of a CV. Make sure to keep your fonts professional and use bold and italics to separate job title from description.

4. The perfect personal statement.
Not all CVs need a personal statement, but if you chose to include one, it is important to keep it concise with good grammar. Do not simply repeat what is in your work experience section. Utilize this space to point out your specific career goals and identify what makes you as an individual a unique candidate in the job search.

5. Don’t forget the dates!
Having the dates of all your work experience is key to employers. Are you an employee who commits to a company for years? Or are you always looking for the next challenge through consistent new jobs? Without dates, an employer cannot understand this information about you or understand the length of experience you have.

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Allison Weisenfeld